January 2020  
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Administrative Assistant

Anna Esparza

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Anna is our new administrative assistant. She is married to Micah and studying at Truman State University. She is a senior in the Health Science program and is minoring in Disability Studies. She grew up in a Christian home in Kansas City where she spent a lot of time in the Church. She has always enjoyed roles that are behind the scenes. She feels at home serving others when she gets to organize, plan, and keep things running smoothly.

Minister of Worship Arts/Youth Minister

Micah Ruiz Esparza


Micah is currently the worship leader and youth minister, and is newly married to his wife, Anna. He is a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an emphasis in worship ministry. He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been a worship leader since high school and has always loved how God speaks to and engages the hearts of worshippers through music.
Micah believes worship in its pure and right definition doesn’t have anything to do with music. It is a way of life. Surrendering our lives daily to Christ, giving our time and money, meeting together as the body of Christ, praying, rejoicing, being thankful, loving God and loving others are all acts of worship. Worship in the church through music is to praise God, declare our devotion to Him, allow Him to speak to us, retell and continue living God’s story of the Gospel and celebrate as a culmination of the worship we already have been doing throughout the week. Musical worship should teach us how to worship God through our lives outside of Sunday morning. Micah’s heart behind his worship leading is that people would come to know Jesus in a fuller and deeper way and reflect the glory and the love of God everywhere they go.