February 2019   
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Paul Lu

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Paul Lu was born in Yangon, Myanmar on November 26th 1991. He moved
to Lincoln, Illinois when he was just 3 with his family and later
moved to Wilmore, Kentucky when he was in middle school.  He spent
most of his childhood in America, but eventually went back home in
2003 where he stayed till he eventually graduated high school in 2010.
He has 3 sisters, the oldest currently works in Australia.  The 1st youngest is currently
enrolled in Cincinnati Christian University and the youngest is
finishing high school.

When Paul eventually went to Central Christian College of the Bible,
it was never his goal to go into youth ministry.  His heart was set on
going back home and reaching the lost there.  But getting involved in
youth ministry at a nearby church opened up his eyes to how effective
he could be reaching out the youth.  So now Paul hopes to work closely
with Milan Christian Church not only to see a growth in numbers but a
growth in the spiritual lives of the children.  To make a change in
kids that will eventually change their lives and the others around

Some of Paul's hobbies include long walks on the beach (jk), board games,
hiking, fishing (even though hes bad at it), biking and making videos.