December 2019  
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Michelle Dickson

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Michelle Dickson was born in Chillicothe, Missouri to Daryl and Rhonda McCracken. She is the oldest of four siblings, Clinton, Heather, and Meagan. Michelle's family moved to Milan in 1986, where her father pastored the Milan Assembly of God for 13 years. She remains a Milan resident for 32 years, a wife to Patrick Dickson for 25 years, a mother of four, Christopher, Aaron, Katelin, and Gracie Jo. They have 7 grandchildren, Taylor, Hayden, Wyatt, Colt, Riggs, Carter, and Kassen.

Michelle has been involved in youth ministry for 28 years. She has led two youth programs prior to the Milan Christian Youth Director position. Michelle obtained her certification and training for administrator in 2008, with Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) and opened an A.C.E. charter school from 2008-2014, where she was the administrator and principal.

Music has always been a tremendous part of Michelle's life. Her mother and father's family both have many who play instruments and sing, "But growing up and singing in church made the largest impact. My childhood memories are full of car trips, singing through the entire trip, usually led by mom," says Michelle. "Mom somehow taught us how to hear harmony, and we would find a part that someone wasn't singing and do it. We grew up singing on stage and thought, that's just what you do."

Michelle says that her most intimate times with God is when she's pouring her heart out to him in songs. Her passion for spiritual growth in worship for youth services and congregational worship comes from her zeal for truth and wanting to be closer to God.