Minister of Worship Arts/Youth Minister

Micah Ruiz Esparza


Micah is currently the worship leader and youth minister, and is newly married to his wife, Anna. He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts and an emphasis in worship ministry. He grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been a worship leader since high school.

Micah believes that worship goes far deeper than just singing songs. It’s a part of the everyday surrendering to God and living out the calling He has on our lives. Singing songs engages our hearts and minds, unifying the church body as we sing together. Micah’s heart behind his worship leading is that people would come to know Jesus in a fuller and deeper way and reflect the glory and the love of God everywhere they go.

Micah’s heart for the youth is for them to develop true community among themselves, to help them experience and know Jesus in their personal lives, and for them to have a desire to pursue Jesus that lasts far beyond their time in the youth group. He believes that God is going to do amazing things in the lives of the youth in Milan and is excited to be a part of that. 

  January 2021  
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